In one of my recent Blogs I shared ways that you can reutilise your Blogs into other social media content.

One of the suggestions was to turn your Blog into a video.

Here are my top tips to helping you with creating videos for your social media.

* Think about what device you are going to record your video on – if you are using your mobile  have your mobile in portrait position, tablets  in landscape position.

* Position your device so that your eyes  are level with the camera on your devise – create a platform to give you the height. You don’t want people looking up your nose or at your chest.

* When recording your video make sure you are looking at the camera, this can be hard to start off with but you will soon get use to it. My top tip is to put a post it not or sticker that says “LOOK HERE” and place it just above your camera.

* If using your mobile don’t hold it with your hand, use a stand, tripod, or create something to prop it up with.

* What technology are you going to use to record your video. There is the camera on your device but also look at other options such as Zoom, Clips, find what works for you.

* Make sure your background is tidy and clear, maybe use Pull up banners if you have them, or if you are restricted to space and can’t change the background Zoom have a great background feature.

* Create a brief script or list of what you want to discuss.

* Ideally keep your video to a max of 2 minutes – the average time people watch videos are between 45 seconds and 2 minutes on social media.

* Think about adding subtitles to your video, there are various tools available to help add these depending on what device you are using and also your budget. Clips, Kapwing,

* Are you going to edit your video, add logos, branding contact details?

* Don’t add your contact details to the end of the video as only a small percentage of people will watch the video until the very end.

* When sharing your video across your social media platforms make sure that your add a catchy comment to encourage people to watch the video.

* If you are adding your video to your YouTube channel don’t share your video to your social media platforms from YouTube upload them directly/organically to your social media you will gain more reach and engagement doing this.

* Most of all if you are going to do videos be consistent with them are you going to do them daily, weekly etc.


Have fun with them and the more you do them the more confident you will become.

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