Stop adding people to Facebook groups

STOP Adding People To Your Facebook Group!

You can picture the image now!


You logon to your Facebook account and in your notifications you notice you’ve been added to more Facebook Groups that you haven’t asked to join or even have any interest in joining.


Annoying isn’t it?


STOP randomly adding people to your own Facebook Groups!


How many Facebook Groups have you been added to this week without being asked or invited?


Somehow Facebook etiquette has been forgotten where groups are concerned.


On my last count over the past 10 days I’ve been added to over 20 Facebook Groups.


These have all been by people that have sent me friends requests and as soon as I’ve accepted their friendship I’m added to a group.




With the reach declining on Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups are increasing and are a great way to reach more of your target audience in a more close and personal manner.


Facebook Groups are not about quantity it’s about quality when it comes to those in your group, grow your group organically. I’d rather have 100 people that are engaged with my group than 1000 that didn’t do anything.


invite people to your group through word of mouth or your social media content such as when you are sharing a top tip post suggest that they can join your group for more tips, if you are promoting a product suggest they can join your group to receive a free gift or find out the latest offers or new products launches.


Here are my top tips to have a successful engaging Facebook Group:

  • Focus your time – Don’t have too many groups, focus your time and energy into one.
  • An organised group is an engaged group – Plan your content and topics that you want to add into your group over the weekly/month. The scheduler tool in groups are a great way for you to plan ahead and become organise.
  • Build a relationship with your members – you can this by posting 2/3 times a day into your group leaving a 4 hour gap between each post.
  • Your members need to get to know you – Do a Facebook Live at least once a week.
  • Be engaging – Add posts of value don’t just put something in your group for the sake of posting. Posts asking questions are the best way to get your members interacting.
  • Be consistent – Groups take time to build by putting the time and effect into them each day they will help you grow your business.


Setting one up a group is very easy but with all the great options and features available it can be a little overwhelming for some but don’t let this stop you.


One of the training steps I cover in my 10 Steps To Simple Training Programme – I take you step by step on how to set up your group and make it work for you.


Don’t be afraid to have your own group or use other groups, embrace them and by using them in the right way they will help you grow your business.

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