STOP adding people to Facebook Groups and Sending Business Page Invites!

How often do you login to your Facebook account and see you have friend requests from new connections. PERFECT an opportunity to make new friends and start building relationships.

However then the frustration kicks in, as soon as you’ve accepted the request the invites to their business pages and been added into their groups start to flood in.

Annoying isn’t it? STOP sending business page invites and adding people to your Facebook Groups straight away. It’s not social media etiquette.

How many Facebook Groups have you been added to this week without being asked or invited? It’s even worse when you decline the request and 10 minutes later you are added back in.

This doesn’t build long lasting groups.

On my last count over the past 10 days I’ve been added to over 20 Facebook Groups. STOP!

With the reach declining on Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Groups are a great way to reach more of your target audience in a more close and personal manner. This doesn’t mean stop using Facebook Business Pages they both work hand in hand perfectly together.

Bear in mind that a group won’t work overnight and can take months to build up.

Setting one up use to be very easy but with all the great new options and features available it can be a little overwhelming for some.

You can link all your Facebook Groups to your Facebook Business Page and your Business Page to your Facebook Group, allowing you monitor your reach and activity which is great to gage which posts and content are working for you within your groups.

Grow your group organically.

Share your group with others through your social media, this is a better way to gain members. Quality instead of quantity is best in groups.

I’d rather have 100 people that are engaged with my group than 1000 that didn’t do anything.

Here are my top tips to have a successful engaging group:

1) Don’t have too many groups, focus your time and energy into one.

2) Think of what you want to add to your group weekly/monthly and use scheduling to help you save time. Make a social media plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

3) Post daily into your Facebook group at the same time each day, everyday.

4) Do a Facebook Live at least once a week. Same day and time each week for at least 15 minutes.

5) Struggling for what content to put into your group? Have a weekly theme, Monday motivation, Tip on a Tuesday, Free for all Friday and so on.

6) Add posts of value don’t just put something in your group for the sake of posting. Get your group members interacting.

7) Be consistent and keep it simple. So many over complicate groups and it just takes the fun out of it and trust me you won’t run your group anymore.

8) Most of all don’t give up on your group they can take months to build.

Don’t be afraid to use groups, embrace them and by using them in the right way will help you grow your business.

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