Social media safety can be a worry for any parent but it doesn’t have to be.

49% of children prefer to watch YouTube than normal TV and 80% of children will have a social media footprint from the age of 1.

With over 60 social media platforms out there most of these are not age-appropriate for children but there are a few that are available from the age of 6.

Here are some tips and advice that can give both you and your children peace of mind when it comes to online and social media safety.


  • Check the age restrictions on social media platforms, they are there for a reason and even tho your child may not be happy knowing that they can’t be on a certain social media platform when their best friend is by sitting down and explaining to them can help them understand.
  • Have boundaries when it comes to social media access. Make sure security settings are all In place. Don’t be afraid to add that as a condition of them having access to that social media platform and also that you have passwords and access to these accounts.
  • Go through what they can and can’t do on social media platforms. Who they can be friends with, what they should comment and reply to, plus of course what is suitable post content.
  • Look at installing parental controls, most devices and internet services have these built-in and it is worth adding time restrictions onto the social media platforms they are using.
  • Check to see if the people your children are connected with are sharing appropriate content and that those they are connected with are actual friends. It’s worth doing this on a regular basis.
  • Most of all sit down, explore the platforms they want to use together and talk to each other. We all know that when we were children and told not to do something we went and did it anyway. By sitting down together and discussing everything it will help down the line if any issues ever occur.


Having trust from the start between each other will ensure that social media safety is installed from day 1 and that your child is safe when they are online.

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