Social Media Housekeeping


There’s so much to think about when it comes to our social media. What to post, having the time to spend on your social media and then there’s the interaction. It seems like a full-time task in itself.

Making some small changes to your social media profiles can make a massive difference in the short term.

Also how often do you check your social media profiles and carry out some simple housekeeping?

Ideally checking your profiles every couple of months will ensure that there isn’t any old information sitting there and your profiles are looking fresh and up to date.

Here are my top tips on things to look out for and check regularly.


  • Don’t forget to add “@” before tagging a business page in a post on Facebook – It will help you find the business page easier. I get messages from people all the time saying that they can’t tag their own or other business pages on Facebook. One tip to remember when typing the name of the business page if it doesn’t appear try separating the words of the business page rather than typing as one whole word.


  • Check your username on your Facebook business page is it the same or as good as your Business Page name? – Make sure people can find you and if your @username isn’t similar to your business page name can cause issues with people tagging or finding you.


  • Do you have a pinned post on your business page, announcements in your group – make sure these are fresh and dated, check them monthly as there is nothing worse than a pinned post that is months or years old or announcements that are out of date.


  • Have you changed your URL’s for your LinkedIn profile? – Having your own unique URL on LinkedIn will help with your google search. Head to your profile and click edit (pencil icon) scroll to the bottom to contact info and click edit. Your current URL will be highlighted in blue click on this to change it. Ideally, change this to your own name as it is on your profile. If it’s available you are good to go, however, if it’s taken, think about what can you add to the end (not numbers)


  • Create your own URL for your own Group – If you have a group did you know that you can give it it’s own unique web address. Click on groups and edit group settings. Scroll down to web address and enter a name for your group. Ideally, keep it similar to the name of the group.


  • Are you directing people to your website on your Instagram profile – don’t forget links in your Instagram posts don’t work so make sure you are giving the call to action by directing them to your Bio to click on your website.


  • Are your profile banners/covers promoting you – don’t miss this opportunity to use this space to share with others what you do, how you can help others, what events or offers you are running. Most people don’t even realise you can change the banner/cover on your LinkedIn profile.


  • Don’t be afraid to be public – Make sure people can find you especially on LinkedIn. Check your settings and that people can see your profile picture.


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