social media housekeeping


People often hear me talk about social media housekeeping.


What is this?

It’s social media tasks that you need to look at each day to ensure that you are increasing your social media presence after you’ve posted your daily social media content – Housekeeping!


What do I class as housekeeping?

These are the daily tasks that you ideally need to factor into your social media:-

  • Interacting with 5 – 10 other connections on each platform with comments
  • Interact with 5 – 10 other connections on each platform with reactions
  • Reply to each comment on your own posts
  • Connecting with new people across your platforms
  • Accepting the connections you’ve been sent
  • Replying to messages
  • Going through your notifications


This doesn’t take up much time as it seems.

In fact, if you manage your social media time each day you can have effective social media presence just by being on each platform a maximum of 20 minutes a day.

For example, you can do your connections task whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil It’s that easy.

I turn off my notifications on my social media apps so that they are a daily distraction and I allocate times throughout the day to do these things.

On average my daily screen time on each platform is 30 minutes a day.

Add these daily Housekeeping tasks to your daily things to do/task list each day so that you can monitor what you are doing.

Allocate times in your diary each day as to when you will carry out your housekeeping tasks.


For me it’s first thing in the:-

  • Morning – whilst I’m eating my breakfast
  • Lunch – whilst I’m eating my lunch
  • Whilst I’m cooking dinner
  • The last time is at the end of the day once the children are in bed I settle down to watch a bit of TV and catch up on everything.


Remember you don’t need to be on social media hours each day to have successful social media presence it’s about being savvy with your time.

Just think the time you save will give you time back to put out more social media content or work on other areas of your business.

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