Social Media Content is a complete waste of time!

It is if you don’t want to see your business grow.

Social media content scares so many people but it doesn’t have too.

Do you plan your social media content each month? Most probably not! But don’t worry you’re not alone.

Many businesses feel that social media isn’t a priority, a complete waste of time, or they don’t have the time or just don’t have no idea where to start when it comes to social media content.

There are lots of content ideas you can use each day. It’s like anything if we know how to do something then the task becomes so much easier to do and enjoyable.

Social media is free and can really help your business grown online, it’s just knowing how and where to start and of course having the time.

It’s the task that gets put to the bottom of the things to do list, the task that gets delayed each day as we all hate doing tasks we don’t like or dread doing.

I love showing businesses how they can plan their social media over 4 major platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram in just a couple of hours each week. Based on posting everyday even twice a day in some cases.

Crazy I know but it’s possible.

When I suggested this to businesses most will look at me as if I was mad and how can all their social media be completed for a week in such a short period of time.

However by the end of the day each one of them walk out knowing they would be able do their social media content simply and in a more organised, planned manor in a time frame that suits them without it eating into their business or home life. Simply but effective.

I plan my own social media content each month and then work on an even more detailed weekly.

What’s my trick? I use a couple of very simple but effective tools.

  • I print out my downloaded monthly calendar sheet for that month is great way to get your social media content planned and organised in advance. By starting to get ideas written down it gives you structure. Then all you need to do is fill in the gaps. (You can download your monthly calendar sheet on my website)

Social Media Calendar

  • The other tool is use is my desktop planner, this enables me to plan my social media for the week ahead. I will then normally sit down on a Sunday morning in my office with a cuppa and start planning away.

Social Media Calendar Content

  • I will then sit down on a Sunday evening and schedule my entire social media content for the coming week over Facebook, including my  Facebook group, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


  • Yes I know I’m the social media expert and I know what I’m doing, I make it sound so simple, that’s because it is. However if you are still struggling you can follow my top tips to planning your social media content for the week.


– Take a look at the National Calendar website it will give you a national day for everyday of the month. Don’t overuse these maybe once or twice a week.

– Think about themes for the week

Monday – Motivation

Tuesday – Top Tips

Wednesday – Share something

Thursday – Thank someone

Friday – Something funny

Saturday – Recommendations

Sunday – Chilling, family life, planning

– Use your diary, what do you have planned this month both personal and with your business. Don’t forget to build that into your social media content, you are your business your business is your lifestyle.

Other ideas:

* Videos
* Facebook Lives
* Motivational quotes
* A review form a customer
* What’s happening in your business.

Don’t be afraid to tell people what it is you do within your business, just telling someone, something once isn’t going to grow your business.

Social media can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Have fun, don’t over complicate it and most of all be consistent every single day.

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