It’s all about the #Hashtags!

I always find myself giggling when I try to explain to a senior member of my family what a hashtag is or that when they are using hashtags they need to use the hashtag sign not type the word hashtag.

Don’t worry you’re not alone so many don’t understand hashtags or what the benefit of using them are for. Many times jargon and over complicating their purpose just goes straight over their head’s.

Hashtags are words or phases that can be used in social media posts after the hashtag symbol #. They allow you and others to search by using these words, this then in turn allows you to gain more followers throughout your social media platforms. There are countless of them out there.

Take Instagram for example. When I speak to those that attend my Instagram workshop or trainings days they think that this platform is just for the younger generation. It’s for everyone and a great way to tell a story of you and your business through photos and hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags per photo/post.

“How many, how on earth will I think of 30 hashtags to go with each post” I hear you cry!

Follow my top tips on an easy way to help you select your hashtags for Instagram.

  1. Look at your post/photo, start to associate words, topics, subjects that are relevant to your post and start typing. Look at what appears, don’t worry about using more than one that appears.
  2. The guides below will help you to start to pick the right ones.
  3. Select 5-10 very popular hashtags that are associated with your post/photo. I would recommend that when selecting you pick ones that have 100,000 – 500,000 posts already associated with them.
  4. Then select 5-10 less popular these will have between 10,000 – 10,000 posts associated with them.
  5. Now its time to look at your niche hashtags 3-5 of these that are associated to less than 10,000 posts.
  6. Finally start to include hashtags that fit with your branding, industry. Be more specific here and add between 3-5. These will be a mixture of how many hashtags they already have connected to them.
  7. Don’t forget to click on each hashtag that you select to ensure it registers with your post/photo.
  8. Wait to gain new followers.


By following these steps you should start to add between 15-30 hashtags per post/photo your are adding to Instagram. Watch your following, likes and interaction increase. By using popular hashtags it will keep your post/photo active for hours and rewarded by Instagram for having popular posts/photos.

Spending time following hashtags that relate to you, interests, your business and your target market is beneficial too. By using the search function (this is what looks like a magnify glass icon) to locate these topics and then click the follow button.

Start connecting with others that have similar interests to you by following them and hopefully they will return the favour and follow you back.

Now lets look at Twitter! Again another platform that confuses people. “What’s a tweet? How do I retweet? and how do I use hashtags?”

The hashtags work in the same way as Instagram and you can follow hashtags through Twitter just like you would in the steps above.

Now with Twitter you won’t have the luxury of being able to use 30 hashtags as you are limited to use 280 characters per tweet. However you can build your hashtags into your tweets wording but you will have to be more selective.

  1. Think of what day of the week it is. On my Facebook social media top tips group is a post offering some great tips around hashtags relating to days of the week. #MotivationalMonday, #TuesdayThoughts and so on.
  2. Are there any keywords in your tweet that would become a topical or great hashtag?
  3. Look to see what is trending on that day or 24 hours before. You can view what’s trending by using the search icon.
  4. Ideally work with getting between 3-5 hashtags in each of your tweets.


LinkedIn more recently introduced hashtags to their platform. Working slightly different to both Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Using the hashtag format on LinkedIn will help you connect with more people that have similar interests, share the same industry/companies and backgrounds. They have selected around 500 different hashtags you can follow. You can find these in the community section within your LinkedIn profile. Have a look through and select those of interest to you.
  2. By selecting hashtags that relate to you, your business and your interests this will allow LinkedIn to notify you of posts and articles that have had these hashtags attached to them by the creator.
  3. When typing your LinkedIn post hashtags will start to appear automatically at the bottom ready for you to select the ones that are relevant to your post. You can add your own ones too. You don’t have to use them all.
  4. Your posts and articles will then be seen by others that have followed the hashtags you have added.
  5. Picking 3 maximum hashtags for each posts works well but don’t be afraid to use more.


So now you know how to implement hashtags, their use and benefit to helping you get more engagement, how many posts should you be getting out there on your social media?

  • Instagram 1 – 3 posts/photos. 2 is the average per day.
  • Twitter 1 – 15 – 50 max. 15 is the average per day.
  • LinkedIn 5 posts a week minimum


How many!

Don’t worry we are all busy and don’t have time to be posting this much each day. There’s an answer. Scheduling!

Scheduling is where you can post your social media in a few hours each week and post into the future. Allowing you to get this much social media out each week including your Facebook posts too in a short space of time.

Welcome to the world of hashtags!

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