LinkedIn users are increasing daily and more small businesses are seeing the benefits that the platform have to offer.

Here are a few of my top tips to helping your engagement on LinkedIn

It’s all about the numbers

LinkedIn allows you to use 1300 characters per post to work with so try and use them.

I love the fact that LinkedIn has a character limit to how much you can write or should I say type as this ensures that you’re not writing ‘war and peace’ or boring the pants off your audience or waffling on.

The idea of using more text will ensure that your audience stays on your post longer which will trigger more engagement.

Dangle that carrot

Ensure the first line or two of your LinkedIn post are catchy and are going to entice your audience to click on the ‘See more button’ so that they read the rest of the post.

This will again help your engagement as the longer someone is on your post it will help towards those dreaded algorithms.

Add a bit of colour

Don’t be afraid to use the odd emoji or two, in fact, use however many as you like.

By adding colour to your post it will help your post stand out from the crowd.

Call to action

If you want your audience to engage with your post then they need something to engage with.

By asking an easy question within your post will help you gain more comments and remember that those comments left need to be 7 words or more.

Make your hashtags count

Don’t forget to add your 3 hashtags to the end of your post.

Unsure which hashtags to use, think about ones that will be related to your post or possibly hashtags your audience are following.

Giving back

Social media isn’t a one-way street and it’s all about giving back so make sure you are interacting with other posts as well.

Ideally 5 to 10 other posts per day.

Remember when you are interacting on other people’s posts don’t just use the reactions make sure you are commenting as well with at least 7 words, a simple ‘thanks’ or ‘I agree’ won’t help their engagement.

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