How To Increase Your Engagement On Facebook

I love Facebook, it has to be my favourite Social Media platform I use.

Since Facebook launched in 2004, people have been sharing what they’ve had for dinner to that crazy night out to their friends and family on the most used Social Media platform in the world.

However, 89% of small business owners who use Facebook are not supported with their social media and 70% of these are winging it daily.

So don’t worry you aren’t alone if you feel that your social media is stressing you out and you haven’t got a clue what you are doing.


Here are some simple tips on how to improve your engagement on Facebook:

  • Be consistent with your Social Media. As a Business Owner, you touch your business every day so do the same with your Facebook. You should be posting daily at least either to your business page, group or personal profile.
  • If you are posting more than once a day leave a 4-hour gap between posts. This allows your posts to gain the right engagement with those you are connected with and allow time to get comments and reactions. Facebook rank your profile higher the more activity you have going on within your posts and profile, this, in turn, will have more people seeing your posts.
  • Facebook’s signature reaction is the Like button. We can get very happy-clappy clicking this button liking each other’s posts. Did you know that by clicking the LOVE, LAUGH OR WOW reactions will give you better reach with Facebook as they see that you are spending time reading your friends posts, showing an emotion and adding value to the Facebook community they are creating?
  • When someone comments on one of your posts, reply to them individually but don’t do it straight away, leave it an hour or so. This will give your post more reach and appear on your friend’s timeline and can drag your post out for a few days. I’ve had posts that have had people commenting on them for days by doing this method of replying. A Facebook post would normally last around 4/6 hours.
  • Facebook is about giving back and creating a community and building relationships. By interacting and commenting on your friend’s posts will allow you to do this.
  • We all love to share that video of that Cat playing the Piano or the latest video that’s recently gone viral. When sharing anything to your Facebook timeline, your Business Page or even a group add your own wording to the text box. Facebook see sharing posts as you are taking time to share value with others, and helping them continue to build their community you will be rewarded by gaining more engagement.
  • Don’t share your business page posts to your own personal profile. This will decrease your engagement. To get the most from the post on your personal timeline copy and paste the wording from your business page and use the same image and ideally post it for a different time to the post on your business page.
  • Are you growing your audience and making new friends? Think of Facebook as another way of networking after all Facebook created the platform as an online social networking tool. We all have mutual friends on Facebook so start connecting. However please don’t then send your new connections an invite to your business page or add them to your group straight away. Build relationships with others first.
  • You have 3 seconds to sell yourself through your Facebook profile. People buy people and if your friends or new connections can tell from your business page and profile exactly what you do and how you can help them it could turn into business. You can download my FREE social media profile checker here to ensure that your profiles are selling you.
  • Are you creating Videos and doing LIVEs across Facebook? It’s a great way for your friends and audience to get to know you more and build trust. Plus, they get more reach and engagement than a normal post.
  • Make the most of your content and posts. Think about the layout and how easy they are to read. People scan read when on Social Media. Make your posts stand out by using paragraphs and emojis. This helps with getting more engagement and interaction from your friends. If you are unsure what this would look like go and find me on Facebook and stalk me.


Most of all be consistent and have fun with your Facebook.

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