How to deal with the effects of social media stress.

During the pandemic, our activity on social media increased from an average of 2 hours a day to 7 hours a day.

Having so much more access to information online through our social media platforms would have contributed to our stress levels especially when we had so much to process.

With fake news, people becoming experts in Covid19 and everyone having their own opinions it was a time where our mind space was taken over with things we wouldn’t normally deal with.

Then to add into the mix having to deal with working from home, children being at home, homeschooling and literally having to change the way we spent our days. No wonder people decided to leave social media and have a break.

With everyday stresses and impacts, social media had during this time it would of had a negative effect on many of our stress levels, which isn’t healthy.

You may have not noticed any stress or felt that your social media had a negative effect on you or your health but I know at times even for me I wanted to switch off from it all.

Here are some signs to see if your social media is stressing you out.

  • Struggling to fall asleep or waking throughout the night with an urge to look at your social media.
  • Becoming angry at posts or comments to the point you may throw your device.
  • Posting negative posts or leaving negative comments, especially if it’s something you didn’t do before the pandemic.
  • Reliving conversational posts and comments in real life with friends and family and getting worked up.
  • Damaging a friendship or removing important people from your social media connections.


This may be the time to think about taking time out from your social media.

There is so much research into the negatives effects that social media can have on us and if you are feeling depressed, anxious or stressed I would highly recommend having a social media break or at least reducing your device time.

This is something I practice myself and coach others daily. You can still have a great social media presence without being on it for hours every day. It’s just about time management and turning off your notifications, stopping that temptation from having to look at your social media platforms constantly.

If you feel that your social media is causing stress here are some simple things you can put in place or follow.

  • As I mentioned before turn your notifications off for all your social media apps.
  • Have selected times throughout the day that you check your social media. Make sure you limit your time then once you are on there and have a get in and get out approach. Go through your notifications, interact with others and complete other social media housekeeping tasks such as messages and accepting or declining friend and connections. Ideally, you can do this in 10/15 minutes slots 2/3 times a day.
  • Avoid areas or people within your social media that you think cause you stress.
  • If your posts are negative or causing arguments, think about not posting for a while until your mindset has changed and just watch from the sidelines and try not to comment either. Become a spectator for a while.
  • Have a social media cull. Get rid of those negheads that are causing you stress. There is nothing wrong with unfollowing, unfriending or unconnecting with people. You don’t need to tell them or broadcast it either.
  • Maybe you need to have a social media detox and take time out, even a weekend away from your social media can make a difference. Turn your phone off.


I love social media and it’s been a great way for us to stay online during the past 6 months not just from a business point of view but to stay in touch with friends and family, as long as you feel stress-free and happy with being on there. If you feel that it’s affecting your stress levels then implement these few changes I’ve mentioned above and you may notice a difference in your stress and health levels plus you may also find that you aren’t consistently on your social media.


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