How can you beat the ALGORITHMS

How can you beat the ALGORITHMS?

One of the many things I’m always asked is “How can I beat the social media ALGORITHMS?”

The Algorithms on any platform are there to help you and it’s a good idea to understand them and how you can make them work for you.

However, don’t spend to much brain time thinking about them or analysing them as they changing all the time.

Algorithms are based on your social media behaviour and everyone else’s and this then creates your ranking with the social media platforms.

These rankings are based on:

  • Posting your own content on a regularly basis
  • People sharing each other’s posts
  • Reacting to posts using the reactions
  • Engaging with other’s posts
  • Doing LIVE’s and videos
  • Being consistent in groups and also looking at running your own group


Basically the more time and effort you put into your social media platforms the algorithms will start to work and reward you.

Here are my tips on how you can achieve that:

  • Be consistent with your social media content across the platforms you are using.
  • Think about what days and times work best for you. Use your insights for these to give you a guideline.


Be careful what content you put out there. Your audience wants to see content that’s of interest to them. Sharing fake news or misleading information unfortunately can be dangerous and will affect your ranking.

Post videos, the social media platforms love videos, please bear in mind the attention span of watching a video is around 1 minute so ideally keep your video to 2 minutes and add subtitles.

For more tips on social media videos head over to my blog:


Look at groups especially on Facebook. However, if you are starting up your own groups remember to add content of value and be consistent. A group is just not for COVID-19.

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