Have you ever wondered what you shouldn’t be doing on your social media?


Have you ever wondered what you shouldn’t be doing on your social media?

We can all get complacent with our social media and sometimes we can pick up some bad habits or take our eye off the ball.

Having a consistent social media strategy is important for any business and here are my top tips on what you should be avoiding in your daily social media routine.


  • Being a bit to big-headed – Nobody likes a bragger and it can turn your audience off. There are other ways to show your audience how amazing you are by sharing your testimonials and reviews, putting out social media content that shows you are the expert in your industry such as top tips, advice and blogs.
  • Not giving back – Social media is a two-way street and if you are expecting to just put your content out and not give anything back then your audience will switch off. Take advantage of your followers content and comment, share and react.
  • Not being consistent – Ducking in and out of your social media won’t help you build a social media presence. Put time aside each day to focus on your social media both from your content and interacting, basically your social media housekeeping.
  • Don’t ignore others – If your connections and followers are interacting and messaging you then don’t leave them hanging, reply to their comments, interact with their posts and reply to their messages, even if it’s a “No but thank you”
  • Waffling on – The attention span for a social media post is 1-3 seconds so make sure your posts are balanced, are you using images and are you getting to the point with your posts and not writing “War and Peace”
  • Switching off – We all want to switch off to the current events however be mindful when posting that your content is current and appropriate.
  • Hiding behind your social media – People buy people so show your audience who you really are, share images and content about your day, business, take a selfie,  this will help grow trust amongst your connections and followers.
  • Repeating yourself – Recycling your social media over a period of time is great, after all, if your audience doesn’t know what you do or the product’s and service you offer how can they get to know your business ad then use or recommend you. When reusing your content make sure it’s current and you don’t need to post it daily.
  • Don’t wing it – Plan your social media ahead of time both weekly and monthly. Having a plan takes away a lot of the stress of social media and can help to ensure that you are getting the right content out. Plus it will save you time.
  • Don’t rush – Being sloppy can cause spelling mistakes, grammar errors and your audience could notice these. There are some great software tools out there that you can add to your desktop which will pick all of this up to ensure that your posts are error-free.


Take your social media seriously and it will pay off. Having a social media strategy week in week out will help you achieve consistently, engagement more reach and also brand awareness.

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