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Social Media and Online Marketing is a growing industry where motivated and committed individuals are changing their future – be one of them by following our proven system that works.

Start your own business to create the life you want, with all the flexibility of being your own boss and the support of an experienced and successful team.

Join us at 2Motiv8 Social Media and Online Marketing Solutions and start your journey today.

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    About Us

    2Motiv8 Social Media and Online Marketing Solutions was started in 2017 by Samantha Cameron, Social Media Expert, Trainer and Public Speaker

    When Samantha took redundancy after 20 years of working within the corporate world, she took the opportunity to take charge of her future and became her own boss.

    Samantha started her business, while also managing the demands of her home and supporting her 5 children. Her priority has always been to create a business which gives her the lifestyle she wants and needs, working around her already busy daily life.

    2Motiv8 Social Media and Online Marketing Solutions has grown quickly.

    Using social media to grow her own business, Samantha offered her expertise to other businesses who also wanted that growth.

    Knowing the value social media marketing can bring, she supports businesses of all sizes to reach more people and flourish with the effective use of social media.



    Why Social Media Marketing?

    Why 2Motiv8 Social Media and Online Marketing Solutions?

    Social Media Marketing is a huge – and growing – business opportunity; the demand is there.

    Once upon a time, social media management was a small part of marketing a business and could easily be managed in-house.

    While over 70% of SME’s have a social media presence, with this number growing daily, 97% of these businesses don’t know how to use social media effectively to maximise their marketing opportunities.

    As the number of platforms keeps growing and the rules of engagement keep changing, businesses are understanding the need to have an expert on their side.

    You can become that expert.

    • We’ll keep you up to date with platform developments, so your clients get the best service.
    • We’ll give you a known and respected brand, with everything that means.
    • We’ll help you identify your ideal clients and how to reach them.
    • We’re a knowledgeable and supportive team who want you
      to succeed.

    With 2Motiv8 Social Media and Online Marketing Solutions, you’ll have the opportunity to:

    • Become a Social Media Expert
    • Be your own boss
    • Earn a great income
    • Create the lifestyle you’ve been striving for

    The Opportunity

    What You’ll Get with 2Motiv8 Social Media and Online Marketing Solutions

    An investment in your business is an investment in your future

    When you join us, you’ll get:

    • Extensive training and ongoing support for an initial 12-week period
    • Monthly meetings
    • Quarterly get-togethers
    • Partner provided expert support (e.g. accountant, business coach, networking)
    • A recognised brand with logo and branding for use across your business
      • Branding for online meetings – Virtual banners and meeting backgrounds
      • Business cards, banners and marketing flyers
      • Branded merchandise – pens, desktop planners, branded clothing, mugs
      • A dedicated website with hosting, monthly
    • No set territory areas
    • A dedicated website with hosting, monthly management and email
    • Social media profiles and pages set up ready for you to use, with monthly social media marketing content
    • Your systems, including scheduler, Canva, CRM system, invoicing and a daily chat forum – full training provided
    • Paid advertising to build awareness of your business
    • A bonus client every 3 months at least
    • Effective and efficient processes and documentation, including client proposals, client contracts and Terms and Conditions of service
    • Step by Step Procedures and Guides for training and workshops
    • The opportunity to grow your business offering with other digital marketing products, helping you increase your future income

    Create the life