Clubhouse App – Are you wondering what all the fuss is about?


What is the Clubhouse App? and no I’m not talking about Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse, (You know you are a parent is you are doing the actions and seeing the theme tune right now.)


The launch of the new free invite-only social media app has left social media users in either a craze or FOMO and taking social media by storm, and pretty much everyone is talking about it.


Originally launched in May 2020 it has literally taken off over the past month and if you love listening to podcasts then I think you are going to love Clubhouse. It allows you to also talk, tell stories, create ideas, build friendships and relationships plus meet new people that you possibly wouldn’t connect or interact with on other platforms.


There is no need to get dressed up, create social media content or images just have the time to join in, listen, and contribute. The best thing is you can listen whilst you are getting on with work or out for a walk or even exercising.


The audio app is definitely putting the excitement and spark back with social media users that have got bored with other platforms and is a great opportunity to hear from both your connections and influencers within your industry or those that inspire you.


With what has been classed as a VIP platform as you need to be invited to get in it’s a little bit like being on the VIP guest-list for that exclusive nightclub. However, don’t worry if you have a connection that is already in Clubhouse they can invite you by using one of their invites.


Clubhouse is currently only available as an ISO app on iPhone, sorry Android users, however, if you have an iPad you can download the app here and sign up.


Once you have downloaded the app you are requested to create a Clubhouse username otherwise know as your handle and then advised that you will get your invite shortly, however as I mentioned before it would be quicker to ask someone who is already in Clubhouse to invite you. All they will need is your handle/username and your mobile number as you will have to be a contact on their phone.



Once you are in you can then create your Clubhouse profile and link it to both your Twitter and Instagram accounts.


The great thing about the Clubhouse profile section is that you can add a good amount of text, emojis, and links.



Here are my tips on what you should be including in your Clubhouse profile:-


Add your profile picture. Ideally, a photo of you, show yourself off as people buy people.

* Your bio is the important part especially the first 3 lines approximately 125 characters as this is what people will see first as a preview for meetings.


* Don’t forget to add emojis and links to your website, however, these are not clickable put worth adding so that people can find you.


* Tell people about you and your business, include hobbies and your interests so that you can be invited to relevant meetings and connect with the ideal Clubhouse connections.


* Don’t forget to use keywords in your bio but don’t use them too much.


* Make sure your profile stands out and it’s not busy, creating your profile in another app or writing platform may allow you to do this easier and then copy and paste into Clubhouse when you are happy with it.


* Review your profile after 24 hours to ensure that you are happy or need to make any changes.


* Add Twitter and Instagram to your profile if you have an activated account on these platforms.


* Go through your settings and privacy to ensure you are happy with how they are set up.


* Review your profile regularly to ensure that it’s up to date.


After being in Clubhouse for just over a week I’m liking the platform and here are my thoughts on getting the most from it.


Once you are in da Club you will be given an invite to give to one of your connections and then as you host meetings and contribute to others you will gain more invites to hand to your connections. You will also be given the opportunity to invite people you have within your phone contacts to add them.



When you give someone an invite to Clubhouse you will appear on their profile as the person who nominated them to join.


The main thing I really like about Clubhouse is that there doesn’t seem to be any competition and it doesn’t look like there is vanity of how many followers you have. You follower who you wish to hear more from.


Throughout the day live audio meetings are scheduled and you can pick and choose which you listen to and interact.


The Hallway which is basically the Apps main feed is where you will find all the chatrooms and the times that they will be going live. Each room/event will show you how many people were live and the comments during that meeting.



You can also see what meetings/rooms/events are coming up, who are running them, and what time they start. You can then set an alarm notification to remind you of those meeting rooms you are interested in joining.



Your activity will highlight you to who is following you to follow back or which of your contacts on your phone have joined Clubhouse, you can then follow them. It will also give you an insight into the meetings that are being scheduled by those you are following.



You can also start and create your own meeting rooms at any time. When creating a room make sure the heading is going to attract others and don’t forget to use keywords. When you are in rooms you can invite others that you feel would be interested in joining.



I’ve had a lot of people ask me if they should be on Clubhouse and using it, as I always say when it comes to social media platforms is that it takes time every day so if you feel you have the time to add another platform to your day then go for it, if not then don’t worry as spend that time to be on the platforms you already use. You can’t be on everything it’s impossible.


For future updates and more tips on getting more from Clubhouse please feel free to join my group.

  • Jane Tait
    Posted at 01:35h, 25 January Reply

    Thank you Sam Very informative. I have a few friends that joined and I wondered what it was about. So many platforms these days! Blimey that makes me sound old! 🤣

    • samanthacameron
      Posted at 13:18h, 30 January Reply

      Not at all social media is moving so fast now, but please don’t stress about being on there if you don’t have the time. Explore the new platform and see if it works for you.

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