10 Things you shouldn’t be doing on LinkedIn

10 Things you shouldn’t be doing on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a great Social Media Networking platform helping you grow your business, your brand and of course YOU.

If you use a Facebook Business Page for your business then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using LinkedIn to promote your business as well.

Gone are the days where LinkedIn was the place to highlight your CV. Find your next salesperson or look for a new career.


Since the pandemic, it has become one of the best ways to connect with others via social networking.

But what stops businesses from getting the most out of LinkedIn?


Here are my 10 top tips on what you shouldn’t be doing on LinkedIn.


  1. Leaving your profile photo and banner/cover photo blank – Don’t forget that both of these are an opportunity to sell yourself and your business. If you are unsure on how to do this right download my Social media profile checker PDF – https://keepingsocialsimpleplanners.co.uk/social-media-profile/
  2. Use the default headline LinkedIn create for your profile – Shout from the rooftops how you help others and what you do. Add some colour by using emojis. No one needs to know what position you are in or the name of your company. Use the space wisely.
  3. Keeping your profile a big secret – How can you grow and build relationships if no one can find you. Make sure your profile is public let people find you.
  4. Not connecting with anyone – This is social networking, after all, start networking and connecting with people of interest daily and start building relationships with them by interacting with their posts. Get to know each other.
  5. Start sending lengthy messages – This is a huge pet hate on LinkedIn and it doesn’t work. It takes time to build trust, after all, what is your reaction when you receive a message like this.
  6. Don’t think it’s all about business – People buy people and by showing your connections that you are human well will trust you more.
  7. Ignore those comments on your posts – Reply back to people who have commented on your posts. They’ve taken the time to respond to your post so it’s only polite plus it helps your engagement.
  8. Be negative, name, shame or complain – Keep your posts positive, professional and make a great first impression.
  9. Send a post to publish before checking it – There’s nothing worse than spelling and grammar typos, if you’re not sure use grammar apps. Grammarly is a great one to look at.
  10. Only use your LinkedIn account once a week – Would you only touch your business once a week? NO! Consistency is key, especially with our social media.


Knowing how to use your LinkedIn account in the right way will help you gain new connections and in turn gain more referrals.

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