10 Simple Ways To Helping You Grow Your Social Media Audience

Social Media

Businesses are using Social Media daily to help raise awareness, grow their brand and online presence.

It’s also a great way to stay connected to your audience, build relationships and socially network 365 days a year (366 for this year)

Building a successful social media presence takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. The key is to deliver engaging content to your online community for them to eventually become customers/clients of yours or even recommend you.

Finding the right audience can sometimes be a task in itself. My top tips share ways to help you build those long lasting relationships.

1 – Increasing your followers to your accounts can seem like a drag. Think about running a contest, plus it will keep your current followers engage.

It could be



Don’t forget to promote it everywhere, follow platforms rules and most of all don’t forget to follow up with everyone that entered or engaged to didn’t win.

2 – Add images/photos to your content, it can increase your views by 94%. Images/photos with faces in them will gain even more views. Please remember that just because it’s no the internet doesn’t mean you can use it. There are lots of great FREE stock image sites such as Unsplash and Pixabay.

3 – Posting videos is another great way to gain more interaction. In fact videos gain 6 times more reach than a post with just wording. Add subtitles to the videos and gain even more reach. DON’T share your video through a link such as YouTube share your video directly on your social media platforms.

4 – Interact with your followers. It’s not a one way street with you just posting make sure you are interacting with others posts. Also make sure that you are replying to those commenting on your posts, it doesn’t have to be straight away but I would suggest a few hours after at the most.

5 – Change your cover/banner photos regularly. Facebook I would suggest every couple of months at least. (Ideally monthly). Remember your banner/cover photo is a great opportunity for you to highlight your business. If you have an event or special offer use your banner/cover photo to promote these. Changing your profile photo will also give you a high engagement, don’t forget to add a caption when sharing.

6 – Are you giving your audience content that offers value. Give your audience a reason to follow you and interact with you. Be positive, be you and most of all show them how amazing you are at what you do.

7 – Tagging others in your post will give your content more reach. Don’t tag others for the sake of tagging people, no one wants to randomly be tagged in a post that’s not relevant to them. If you attend an event or meeting tag those that attended. If you want to give others a shout out tag those also.

8 – Use Hashtags to help you increase your followers. There are millions of hashtags, find the ones that suit you, your business and not forgetting your target audience.

Think about what hashtags are trending

* Mondaymotivation

* Toptiptuesday

* Wednesdaywisdom

* Throwbackthursday

* Funnyfriday

9 – Don’t be afraid to show your personality, your humorous side, even on LinkedIn. People buy people, make sure if you are sharing something funny that it is in your social media voice.

10 – Finally, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy likes or followers no matter how tempting it is. These will damage your social media account, cause issues later down the line and will stop your true audience being able to see your content.

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